Architecture – Not just the science of designing / erecting buildings…

Taken in Washington, DC

I always admire architecture. I dont know much about the different styles or types but architecture of any kind amuses me. Historical places, religious places, museums, monuments, etc all have amazing architecture that I could admire. Last year I visited Washington, DC where I had a opportunity to see the federal / government buildings and the President’s house.

Photo Courtesy: Pradeepa Mohan


Recently I saw the pictures of Nan Hua Buddhist temple in South Africa. My brother, sister and brother in law visited the temple on New Year’s Day. It looked like a very big temple with much peace and serenity. The beautiful view in the pictures gave the feeling as if it was taken in East Asia itself. I look forward to visiting this temple in my next trip to South Africa.

Taken at Maryland Siva Vishnu Temple


I visited Maryland and drove through Maryland a few times last year (2011). I had the privilege of visiting the Siva-Vishnu Temple at Lanham, Maryland twice. The art work closely resembled the typical South Indian Hindu temples. The minute intricate artwork and symbolism found in this architecture is beyond my knowledge and research. I wish to learn about this in detail one day.

Mi Casa


Last but not least…in conclusion of this post, I would like to analyze the architecture of my favorite place on the planet, ‘my home’.  With toys, board books, puzzle pieces, shapes, building blocks, dolls of different kinds, cars and other toys wherever I see, my house is being renovated and reconstructed by my toddler. 🙂 No matter what the style / design or architecture, once it becomes someone’s home, it is their castle.

Chlorophyll – Its all about the green.

Asbury Park, NJ

Is it all about the green? The green I am referring to here now is not the chlorophyll i.e, green pigment found in plants. The moola, bucks, dollar, pound, rupee, rand, etc is what many people think the world revolves around. There is more to this life and this world than the presence of a bank balance alone.

Being prepared for the worst is better than depending on the hopes for the best but there is still more to it than just the financial preparation. The investment I would like to make in my part time is in the real greens. The green I am referring to now are the plants / trees that bail us out in many ways by providing us with the wealth for our lungs and good health. As we approach warmer climate the green thoughts are running through my mind about the plants I should be planting. I was not successful the past 2 years with the vegetables I have chosen so I do hope 2012 is the year of abundance and productivity.

What’s up with the weather? I ain’t complaining!

Asbury Park, NJ taken from my iPhone 4

The weather affects our lives in many ways. This year the winter in my area has been a little different from the past years. I have not lived here long enough to throw a record but everyone in my region would agree the light winter this year.

I had a recent conversation with my uncle  about this and I remember my father mentioning before also; with the rising unrighteousness (dharma), there will be a reflection of that on the weather / climate conditions. I found that interesting and strongly believe that everything in this world is interconnected.  As per the great Sir Isaac Newton, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Before getting too philosophical let me get back to the weather. Can’t wait for spring as it is my favorite season of them all. Stay warm and keep indoors in these last winter days.

State of the Union!

Chola Temple, Courtesy: Prathap Sarma
Courtesy: Prathap Sarma

Politics! This is something I try to stay out of most of the time but seldom successful at it :). Last night I saw the state of the union presented by the US President. If you ask me the real state, I have many opinions of my own but the presentation I would say was well prepared. I started following US politics recently. I am a fan of the political system ran by the Chola Dynasty especially during the Classic Period (Sanga Kaalam).

Head quartered around the fertile Kavery River region in South India, the Chola political system had a unique styled democratic flavor of monarchy. The primary focus of the government was to resolve public issues and matters of concern for every citizen. I believe every democracy was / is supposed to be about resolving common public issues and to bring  about everlasting solutions with deep foresight. There should be a sense of fairness and jutice in any democratic process. After all, as Abe Lincoln said this is for the people, of the people and by the people. Do we see this fairness and justice in the world today? Is life fair for all? Is everyone equal in the eyes of the global legal and political systems?

It is not my place to answer this but it is a good idea for us to think about the state of our individual unions; whichever part of the world we live in!

Let me try this Blogging thing…

Hello World! The blogging thing always interests me but I kept procrastinating in my virgin attempts. There are various topics and news that interest me at any given time. The few topics that catches my attention are:

  1. Technology
  2. Photography
  3. History
  4. Other 😉

Being in the field of technology and management of technology, I have a lot of interest in related news and products. I have developed a passion for Apple products and the company as a whole. For the past 2 years I started viewing the world differently through  my camera. I am constantly trying to improve my photography skill set by taking a lot of pictures of my toddler, landscape and any given scenario that interests me. History is one subject that I have a lot of interest from childhood. I am always amazed at how things change and the passage to the present day of my forefathers. In addition to my ancestral history I have much interest in the evolution of mankind, cultural/religious beliefs, migration and civilization routes, etc. My views and writings will be based on the  facts, never the less they are still my personal views.

I welcome you to view your world with my lens.


Your life is in your hands!