How to replace the flush handle?

While this is easy for many, a few people like me might not know how this simple process is done. One of the most used parts of a toilet is the handle. The handle is also a part that comes into human contact a lot. Any part that involves human contact is prone to mechanical breakdown. Sad but true! Before getting into the how-to, lets understand the parts of the toilet inside.

Image Courtesy: © 2009
Image Courtesy: © 2009

Last weekend the handle arm broke in my powder room and all hell broke loose. It was almost the end of the world even before the Mayan calendar ended. 😉 Then came Prasi to the rescue. I opened the tank lid and realized the handle arm was hanging but I had to buy the handle and arm together as they were one part. I have done this before with much more difficulty in both my other bathrooms before. Since I was doing it for the 3rd time, I felt more comfortable. I went to my local hardware shop and bought the handle with arm. I could not locate the exact one but I bought one and modified it to work. Here is how it is done.

  • Buy the replacement.
  • Remove the existing handle and arm.
Image courtest
  • Note that the bolt/nut is turned clockwise unlike the regular unscrew types. This is apparently common in these types. I spent almost 20 minutes trying to tighten the nut.
  • Once the nut is removed, the handle and arm can be replaced without any energy.

There are various Youtube videos and other articles available online. I hope my version with my perspective helps others.

Lazy Long Weekend

I like long weekends but end up doing not a lot. It mostly turns out to be lazy long weekends. This weekend I spent some time with my friends and family. Visited the Popcorn Park Zoo and also went to the beach on Saturday. I have been spending more time with my daughter Abi. We always have fun together. The previous weekend, we went to DC and had loads of fun. I think we will be a good team as we grow older.

Loved the peacocks in zoo. I would recommend this place for smaller kids. We also saw lions, camels, bears, tigers, farm animals and reptiles. Following the park we went to Bradshaw Beach near Pt Pleasant. It is always fun to see the ocean and walk on the sand.

Thinking about the beaches I have seen before, I always love the feeling of going to the beach. Inhaling the salty air and getting my feet sandy are some of the added advantages of going to the beach. I have visited the Marina Beach in Chennai the most, followed by the Jersey Shore beaches. Nothing beats the sunset view with family games and a picnic.

The art of multitasking: Happy Mother’s Day!

Multitasking is an art that comes naturally for some and is a challenge for others. Whether it is work or personal life, multitasking is definitely an asset. I often find myself juggling between tasks as a routine. I usually come up with a process to tackle the tasks and prioritize my work. I have seen experts in my life who expertly handle their work and personal life in an artistic manner. One of the experts who I admire and the expert who is still taking care of me as a special task is my mother. With two kids I often find myself in the same situation. My wife has a special touch and is one of the most patient people I know. Some of the other experts I would like to note here are my aunts, in laws, grandmother, cousins, friends and colleagues who are all special people. I grow older learning, loving and multi tasking. To those special ones…

Happy Mother’s Day!

The art of changing diapers!

Changing diapers or unpleasant duties as stated by Adriaen Brouwer has been my latest hobby for both my children. Diaper or nappy (commonwealth English), a geometrically shaped cloth or disposable material used to collect and discard baby’s poop and pee (my humble definition). However it is made or shaped, I must admit it is a genius invention and always helps to have enough stock (of right sizes) at home.

Currently I would say my skill set is in between a novice to an intermediate expert at this. I still lack some capability with the newborn largely due to unpredictable nature of the baby to pee or poop while the diaper changing process is in progress. I have a method to the madness i.e, a process which works best for me. Hope for the best and expect the worst. The worst being a poop job, I like to prepare for the poop job by keeping the wipes, diaper cream and changing pad handy. Then I try to briskly get through my project as fast as I can. In a situation where the baby has another planned attack then its time to get messy (God be with you). My second born has a habit of peeing while the diaper is being changed. While that can be frustrating, its something I am ready for and can cost me an extra diaper and more laundry. Occasionally during a big poop job extra help might be needed. With my skill set being novice at times and my lazy nature, explains the reason for extra help. Lastly I would like to mention about the diaper genie. That’s another invention that marvels me which basically collects all the diapers and contains the bad smell(stink). The genie uses a different bag that has to be emptied periodically.

Feel free to reach out to me for any advice in the cumbersome but enjoyable process of diaper changing. For a detailed instruction check out the Baby Center Page: Step-by-step instructions. Good luck and I looking forward to hearing only your success stories. 🙂

My Daughter Abi – 2

With the new member in our family (Akshu) taking up most of our and time, we make sure that Abi gets her fair share of focus. Abi and I went to the park at our local library where she had loadsa fun swinging. Abi loves the swing with the bucket seats (I think that’s the real name). She did not want to get off the swing and I had a tough time convincing her that we will be back.

I am always amazed at the progress of my child/ren over the days, weeks, months and years. Every new thing that makes them adult like amuses me. The thought of some of the things like them growing up makes me happy and nervous at the same time. Nervous about how they will be when they are teenagers, the uprising, rebellions…..wait a second… that’s a thought for 10 years down the road. For now let me enjoy the good times while I can. The terrible 2’s!

My Garden Corner


In the past few years I developed an interest for gardening. Despite the allergies, in the past couple weeks I tried to spend some time with my garden. This involves germinating the seeds, preparing the soil / pots, allocating a sunny area to keep the plants and protecting the plants from bugs / squirrels / rabbits or other pests that could kill the plants.

I find it to be a relaxing project majority of the times. When the plants survive it is a good feeling and when it doesn’t, it’s a learn in progress feeling (frustration). I was not so successful in the past 2 years due to inexperience and various reasons.


This year I planted strawberries in a bag, marigold, zinnia, green pepper, cilantro and tomatoes. Wish me luck for this year’s harvest.

The places I lived in!

I have lived in a few countries in the past and each one has captured my memory in a unique way. The countries I would like to mention are rich in culture and diversity. I admire the rich history and natural wealth of every place. My interest in history and anthropology intrigued me in many ways. My presence in the various places made me a proud citizen or resident of those countries. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards those nations that supported me in my progress.

Your life is in your hands!