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My Garden Corner


In the past few years I developed an interest for gardening. Despite the allergies, in the past couple weeks I tried to spend some time with my garden. This involves germinating the seeds, preparing the soil / pots, allocating a sunny area to keep the plants and protecting the plants from bugs / squirrels / rabbits or other pests that could kill the plants.

I find it to be a relaxing project majority of the times. When the plants survive it is a good feeling and when it doesn’t, it’s a learn in progress feeling (frustration). I was not so successful in the past 2 years due to inexperience and various reasons.


This year I planted strawberries in a bag, marigold, zinnia, green pepper, cilantro and tomatoes. Wish me luck for this year’s harvest.

The places I lived in!

I have lived in a few countries in the past and each one has captured my memory in a unique way. The countries I would like to mention are rich in culture and diversity. I admire the rich history and natural wealth of every place. My interest in history and anthropology intrigued me in many ways. My presence in the various places made me a proud citizen or resident of those countries. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards those nations that supported me in my progress.

A lottery win!

Google defines lottery as “A process or thing whose success or outcome is governed by chance: “the lottery of life”.” This is the very chance which every person looks forward to taking advantage of in life. The success does not necessarily have to be materialistic but in majority of the cases it is about the money. Many people I know are against lottery for personal, religious and other reasons. I am not for it or against it. One thing I can say for sure is that it has changed my life. The Green Card Lottery is a wonderful thing. What is your stand on lottery?

It’s Spring!

Its spring time in the northern hemisphere. We experienced summer like temperature last few weeks in NJ. This week is back to spring temperatures again. 🙁 We were surprised with the temperature jump from winter to summer like weather conditions. The plants and trees might be confused with the crazy weather I guess. When I went on recent photo walks, I took some pictures using my iPhone. Below is one I would like to share.

 This tree amused me because of the number of flowers it had. I think it is a cherry tree of some kind. It was an amazing site to see the spring blooms in a row. Some areas have a heavenly feeling with the blooming flowers. When I think about my favorite season, I believe spring spring would be my be.

Over the weekend I attended a HDR workshop. I learned a lot about processing photos and the different techniques. More over the valuable lesson is post processing could make a good picture look better. Other than the few apps like Photoforge2, color splash and painteresque, I have not used Aperture on my iMac yet. Keep an eye in my next post for my experience with Aperture and the minor tweaks to my photographs.


As we were anxiously waiting for the arrival of my second born this party was a pleasant surprise for my family. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all my friends who gave us a special surprise on Saturday. The planning, decoration, entertainment, gifts, video messages, etc were all amazing. It was a memorable event and you all made it a very special night for us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my manager and colleagues at work who gave me a surprise baby shower party last week. It was very kind and thoughtful of my team to arrange this for me. It gives me immense pleasure to think about how my family, friends and colleagues treated me for the arrival of the new born. I feel I am lucky in many ways. Thank you all again.

Worked in a mine?

Brakpan Power Station (Courtesy Eskom)

Have you worked in a mine? No one  has ever asked me this question before. I worked in a mine while I was studying my bachelors. South Africa has many mines and I had the opportunity to work for an automation company which had contracts with coal mines. There are strict regulations and medical certifications that one has to get before getting the permission to work in the mines.

A Miner in Uniform

There is a specific dress code that has to be worn by miners when entering the mines. There are many safety protocols that is followed at the work place. My work responsibility revolved around the control room or the brain of the mine. It was a very interesting experience and I had/have great interest in automation. One of the few drawbacks I experienced for this job is the long travels to the area where the mines are located. There are other safety procedures that can be time consuming so a lot of patience is necessary. Preparing for work can be a tedious process unlike a regular white collar job.

From my short working experience at the mine, I am not experienced enough to provide any detailed analysis of long term medical effects or possible work place accidents. However it was a really cool work experience and I would love to do it again.

My Daughter Abi – 1

Appa and Abi at Virginia Beach, VA

Being a father is different from being a husband or brother or son. The additional title of fatherhood comes along with immense responsibilities along with enjoyment. My daughter means the world to me and there is a special feeling to be around my munchkin. There are various occasions where I wish I could spend more time with her. No matter how much time I spend with her, it is never enough.

Appa and Abi at Mt Snow, Vermont

The past 21 months has been a transition for me. This transition has been a big change of my attitude, patience and the way I view the world in general. When comparing generations, I saw a similar transition over the years of my parents and grandparents. Even though the period is different the parental care remains the same. My parents saw a little of them in me and I see a little of myself in Abi.

Alternate remedies – 1

Thulasi - Ayurveda (Photo Courtesy - Pradeepa Mohan)
Thulasi - Traditional Medicine (Photo Courtesy - Pradeepa Mohan)

Recently when I got the flu, I was asked by a friend to try herbal cold remedies. I wanted to dedicate this post to some of the alternate / traditional / herbal remedies I use in my routine. The alternate or traditional remedy I refer to could be ayurvedic, homeopathic or from a grandma’s recipe. In many scenarios I prefer an alternate remedy versus an over-the-counter or prescription drug. The treatment path I follow depends on the threshold of pain or condition of illness.

Common Cold – I prefer having ginger and lemon tea with honey. This usually has a soothing effect on my throat, helps with the phlegm for a specific duration. If I am going to be on a teleconference when I have a cold, ginger lemon tea is a good remedy that provides me instant relief from running nose and cough.

Cough – Kashayam and cough goes along well. There are various kinds of Kashayams out  there but I prefer the one made with black pepper. I stumbled upon this blog on how to make Kashayam. Check it out if you are not familiar of Kashayam and how to make it.

Constipation – Having a toddler around usually means running stomach or constipation. The extremes! Not only for the kids but adults also can have prunes for constipation relief. For bigger infants, prunes can be soaked in warm water and that water is fed because infants cannot eat the fruit itself.

Cholesterol – I have been diagnosed with border level cholestrol for the past seven years. My cholestrol levels keep fluctuating depending on the time of the year and what I eat couple days before the test. Overall the levels are between 195 – 230. I do not take any prescription medication for Cholesterol as it is not required for this level. My primary physician and other friends recommended Flax seeds. Flax seeds can be added to any meal or dish and other than the brownish color, there is no taste. Flax seeds has helped me improve my cholesterol health. Since hyperlipidaemia is a genetic condition that can be aggravated by unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, the number one focus should be on healthy diets and regular exercise.

Flax Seeds
Grains with Flax Seeds

I did not intend all my condition be c words. 😉 Looking forward to other alternate remedies which you have in the comments.

Changing Seasons – 1

It has been a few days since my last post and as I recover from my viral flu I can focus on the many topics floating in my head. Now that we are in March, I am sure every one of us globally are talking about changing weather. Some may be happy about the change and some not so happy. People in my region are looking forward to spring and the good weather to go out.

Antenna - Freezing Rain 2011 (iPhonography)

We had good weather this winter with less than usual snow. The previous winter we had more snow storms, freezing rains and below freezing days in general. We are still not out of the woods yet. We still have another few weeks of winter before we are officially in spring. When I lived in upstate NY, the expectation of the weather was completely different from what I have in central NJ. There are many things associated with change in weather. Travelling will be difficult with bad weather conditions. Prices go up for some products and more over there seems to be a sense of unreliability. Weather is controlled by nature and no matter how experienced an expert is the predictions can be a failure.


VW Routan Wiper Blades (iPhonography)

The purpose of lifting the wiper blades up during a snow storm has been defeated during the freezing rain storm in 2011. Luckily this winter we did not have any major freezing rain in my area and it saved a lot of time and effort. This is one of the major reasons why many people like Spring and Summer compared to Autumn and Winter.


My Backyard (iPhonography)


There is no good or bad aspect about changing weather. Nature has to take it’s course for the world to keep functioning in a natural order. Even though we as individuals find it difficult to manage in certain ways to do our routine work, there are things that occur beyond my/our knowledge.

Man has lived under different weather conditions globally ranging from the hottest deserts to the coldest deserts. I have heard in various discourses about how seasons can change out of order with the change in righteousness followed by the world citizens.