How to replace the flush handle?

While this is easy for many, a few people like me might not know how this simple process is done. One of the most used parts of a toilet is the handle. The handle is also a part that comes into human contact a lot. Any part that involves human contact is prone to mechanical breakdown. Sad but true! Before getting into the how-to, lets understand the parts of the toilet inside.

Image Courtesy: © 2009
Image Courtesy: © 2009

Last weekend the handle arm broke in my powder room and all hell broke loose. It was almost the end of the world even before the Mayan calendar ended. 😉 Then came Prasi to the rescue. I opened the tank lid and realized the handle arm was hanging but I had to buy the handle and arm together as they were one part. I have done this before with much more difficulty in both my other bathrooms before. Since I was doing it for the 3rd time, I felt more comfortable. I went to my local hardware shop and bought the handle with arm. I could not locate the exact one but I bought one and modified it to work. Here is how it is done.

  • Buy the replacement.
  • Remove the existing handle and arm.
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  • Note that the bolt/nut is turned clockwise unlike the regular unscrew types. This is apparently common in these types. I spent almost 20 minutes trying to tighten the nut.
  • Once the nut is removed, the handle and arm can be replaced without any energy.

There are various Youtube videos and other articles available online. I hope my version with my perspective helps others.

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