Independence Day – Celebrating Freedom

The highlight of Independence Day in the US starts off with fireworks on the eve. We celebrated our Independence Day in New England this year. Culminating our trip to New Hampshire, we returned to our friend’s place in a Boston suburb. Amidst good company, delicious food and a relaxed party mood, we started off our celebrations.

Yummy Puff

Thanks to the cooking skills of all those who prepared the food items, we had a feast with good music.

The good weather was very supportive and we were able to enjoy the evening out on the patio.

We enjoyed the fireworks and dessert back home. This was my first attempt at taking fireworks. I still have lots of room for improvement.



Traveling with little kids

It is very different to travel with children and especially with smaller children. I have an infant and toddler so traveling is not so chaotic if my wife and I plan well. It is team work where we divide and conquer each task. There are quite a few websites that provide assistance with material and steps to take. Below is my method to the madness:

  • Identify target locations / type of travel like hiking, swimming, walking, long drives, long flights, etc.
  • Prepare accordingly for the travel. The prep work is the painstaking part which involves packing the goodies form diapers to snacks.

My suggestion would be to make lists for each location or day of travel and identify what is needed. For example with smaller kids, 4 diapers per day, 2 – 3 sets of clothing per day and so on…

Dont forget the sunscreen (even in winter) and a set of warm clothes (even in summer). You never know when you will need one. Have a great summer.

Your life is in your hands!