Veggie Flowers

Better late than never is the proverb. This year I was somewhat fortunate with my veggies. The strawberry in the bag was an epic failure however the plant made it. Tomatoes and pepper plants are just flowering and I am somewhat happy it yielded something or in the process of getting my harvest for this summer.

Pepper Flower

Just looking at the veggie flowers made my day and I am looking forward to seeing the actual veggies. I am interested in finding out if these plants can be somehow preserved through winter. I have them in pots and bags thus they are portable.

Tomato Flower

I also have 1 Zinia that survived and a couple Marigold plants. I am currently researching about fall herbs and plants. Happy Farming everyone!

Summer Heat

This year in NJ we are experiencing very high heat index. The unusual heat caused the extreme drought in many of the states. I think this has been the hottest summer I have experienced (in the north east) since I moved to the US. Even though I spent most of my time in New England states and tri state area, I have experience some very hot days this year. I eagerly check the temp gauge in my car almost every time I get in my car on extremely hot and cold days. Recently the temperature has been climbing into triple digits. We sat in the lazy river to chill off. Hope the trend does not continue.

99 Degrees

Your life is in your hands!