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Social Media – Whats so crazy about it?

Social Media

What is social media all about?

Some people like it and some people dont. Some consider it a threat and others think its a nuisance. A lot of people live with it and some cannot live without it. Social media can be addictive and in my humble opinion too much of it is not good. As my father says often ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’. I sometimes tend to use it more than I think if I have time to kill. Lately, I have been spending time with my blog so I have very little time for social media ;).

I see the purpose of Social Media as below:

  • Stay in touch with family / friends. In my case, my family is spread out so I get an opportunity to keep up to date with those on my friend list.
  • Read about the latest products, news, etc. I follow my local town’s tweets during storms or bad weather. All emergency details are updated on the town tweets. We have even seen political changes in various parts of the world, thanks to Social Media.
  • Messaging or chat feature. I dont need to use a separate chat client when I am already on most social media sites.

Things I dont like about Social Media:

  1. Gossipping!
  2. Living on Social Media. Some people I know do that. I often see a like or comment within seconds of posting almost every time I post something. This is something I dislike the most after gossipping.
  3. Security issues. It is advisable to have the correct security settings.

Having the correct settings is important and it depends on your discretion on how much one wants to share with whom. I have a range of groups like close family, close friends, professional groups, distant family / friends (usually those I have not met or dont know well), limited access (for family / friends with whom I dont want to share much), etc. Thus I conclude that social media can be an effective tool when put to good use.