I am a Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Son-in-law, nephew, brother-in-law, grandson, uncle, colleague, friend, client, partner, citizen and a devotee. That’s all the intro I have for now but I foresee this list to grow in the near future. I work in the IT field for over a dozen years and have many hats that I have worn in the past. I am presently in the central Jersey are and grew up in South Africa, India and USA. I believe in doing the right thing and following the right path to reach my goal. There are many paths to reach a common goal and I respect all the paths / efforts taken.

I like to write about anything that interests me. I love taking photographs and I am constantly improving my skills. I like Apple products and few years back switched to the Mac. Everything on my site are strictly my opinions.


Your life is in your hands!