Chlorophyll – Its all about the green.

Asbury Park, NJ

Is it all about the green? The green I am referring to here now is not the chlorophyll i.e, green pigment found in plants. The moola, bucks, dollar, pound, rupee, rand, etc is what many people think the world revolves around. There is more to this life and this world than the presence of a bank balance alone.

Being prepared for the worst is better than depending on the hopes for the best but there is still more to it than just the financial preparation. The investment I would like to make in my part time is in the real greens. The green I am referring to now are the plants / trees that bail us out in many ways by providing us with the wealth for our lungs and good health. As we approach warmer climate the green thoughts are running through my mind about the plants I should be planting. I was not successful the past 2 years with the vegetables I have chosen so I do hope 2012 is the year of abundance and productivity.


Eat a lot of greeny veges and stay healthy!