State of the Union!

Chola Temple, Courtesy: Prathap Sarma
Courtesy: Prathap Sarma

Politics! This is something I try to stay out of most of the time but seldom successful at it :). Last night I saw the state of the union presented by the US President. If you ask me the real state, I have many opinions of my own but the presentation I would say was well prepared. I started following US politics recently. I am a fan of the political system ran by the Chola Dynasty especially during the Classic Period (Sanga Kaalam).

Head quartered around the fertile Kavery River region in South India, the Chola political system had a unique styled democratic flavor of monarchy. The primary focus of the government was to resolve public issues and matters of concern for every citizen. I believe every democracy was / is supposed to be about resolving common public issues and to bring  about everlasting solutions with deep foresight. There should be a sense of fairness and jutice in any democratic process. After all, as Abe Lincoln said this is for the people, of the people and by the people. Do we see this fairness and justice in the world today? Is life fair for all? Is everyone equal in the eyes of the global legal and political systems?

It is not my place to answer this but it is a good idea for us to think about the state of our individual unions; whichever part of the world we live in!