Alternate remedies – 1

Thulasi - Ayurveda (Photo Courtesy - Pradeepa Mohan)
Thulasi - Traditional Medicine (Photo Courtesy - Pradeepa Mohan)

Recently when I got the flu, I was asked by a friend to try herbal cold remedies. I wanted to dedicate this post to some of the alternate / traditional / herbal remedies I use in my routine. The alternate or traditional remedy I refer to could be ayurvedic, homeopathic or from a grandma’s recipe. In many scenarios I prefer an alternate remedy versus an over-the-counter or prescription drug. The treatment path I follow depends on the threshold of pain or condition of illness.

Common Cold – I prefer having ginger and lemon tea with honey. This usually has a soothing effect on my throat, helps with the phlegm for a specific duration. If I am going to be on a teleconference when I have a cold, ginger lemon tea is a good remedy that provides me instant relief from running nose and cough.

Cough – Kashayam and cough goes along well. There are various kinds of Kashayams out  there but I prefer the one made with black pepper. I stumbled upon this blog on how to make Kashayam. Check it out if you are not familiar of Kashayam and how to make it.

Constipation – Having a toddler around usually means running stomach or constipation. The extremes! Not only for the kids but adults also can have prunes for constipation relief. For bigger infants, prunes can be soaked in warm water and that water is fed because infants cannot eat the fruit itself.

Cholesterol – I have been diagnosed with border level cholestrol for the past seven years. My cholestrol levels keep fluctuating depending on the time of the year and what I eat couple days before the test. Overall the levels are between 195 – 230. I do not take any prescription medication for Cholesterol as it is not required for this level. My primary physician and other friends recommended Flax seeds. Flax seeds can be added to any meal or dish and other than the brownish color, there is no taste. Flax seeds has helped me improve my cholesterol health. Since hyperlipidaemia is a genetic condition that can be aggravated by unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, the number one focus should be on healthy diets and regular exercise.

Flax Seeds
Grains with Flax Seeds

I did not intend all my condition be c words. 😉 Looking forward to other alternate remedies which you have in the comments.


Remedies are not reviewed by the FDA so they can't make any health claims.  Once a health claim is made, by law, the claims must be verified by clinical trials to ensure that the population isn't being taken advantage of.


To avoid constipation eat food rich in fibre such as uncooked leafy greens, vegetables, bran cereals, fruits and drinks lots of fluids.  Caffeine may affect bowel movements.  For constipation you can also go on a brat diet for a short while - banana, rice, apples, toast.   Prunes are very high in sugar.  I tend to avoid them.


The cold remedies you recommended are great but if you have a cold the best remedy is rest and recuperation. Continuing to be active just prolongs the cold: