The Sourland Mountain Visit

In October, my friend Khurt Williams and I chose to go on a photo hike to the Sourland Mountain. It was a beautiful day.


We arrived at the parking lot with quite a few other cars. I did not expect the place to be crowded but surprisingly most of the people came to relax at the pond. Others chose different trails around the mountain.AKS_6734

We proceeded to walk on a path of dry leaves with a little moss covered rocks. It was a beautiful fall day. It was my first time to the mountain so it was a pleasant surprise for me.AKS_6736

Tall trees with golden leaves on a bright blue sky was enough attraction for me.AKS_6730

But there was more than just trees. Where ever I turned, there was a beautiful foliage to capture.AKS_6727

Even when I looked down.AKS_6726

The crunching leaves under our feet.AKS_6724

It was bright day with a lot of light.


The dry leaves covering the path surrounded by woods was a beautiful sight.


The path visible at times and in some cases we saw fallen trees from a storm.AKS_6743

I am sure trees fall often here because of the large number of tall trees.AKS_6747

There are some really tall trees. My guess is about 100-120 feet.


After a long and tiring search for the river, we found the stream. It was a dry season unfortunately, but we were happy with the little water we could find.AKS_6770

There is a quarry nearby and the milky water seems to be coming from that direction.AKS_6779

My friend Khurt crossing the stream. There was very little water but it was slippery. AKS_6783

We enjoyed the good weather and sunlight. The natural scenery was a pleasure for our eyes.AKS_6801

We captured some images and were on our way back to the pond near the parking area.AKS_6781Even though we completed our photo hike, my mind was still lingering around the beauty of the Sourland Mountain. It maybe titled Sourland, but I see some sweetness in it. 🙂 I hope to come back in Spring next year with my family.